Your sleep, your style: Important tips for choosing your bed

A good night’s sleep begins with the right bed. But how do you find the bed that’s just right for you? We asked Frank Janaschek. Frank is not only Head of Sales, but also the sleep expert at ADA and has been developing tailor-made mattress and bed solutions for over 20 years. He gave us some useful tips and advice – after all, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right bed.

Who should go for pastel colours?

This year’s trendy colours really pack a punch. From Fiery Red (a striking red) to Peach Pink (a strong pink) to Tangelo (a fiery orange), bright colours are making their way into wardrobes and homes alike. However, these loud colours are not for everyone. Especially if you are more of a type who prefers calm interiors, the colours can be too overpowering for you. There is also a difference between a handbag in a striking colour and a large rug that is the focal point of your home. If you nevertheless wish to keep up with the latest colour trends, try pastel shades. Pastel nuances soften power colours, giving them a chance to unfold their magic in your home as highlights. The calming effect of these colours will ground your home so that you can stay true to your own style.

ADA Möbel

Form follows function! How can I combine style and practicality?

F.J.: “Individual preferences play a role here. Upholstered headboards made of fabric or leather are soft and cosy. A model made of solid wood creates a natural style – but is less forgiving for restless sleepers (mind your head!). If you like the look of wood but are also keen on comfortable upholstery, you can opt for a combination of the two. And if you like to read in bed, I recommend a higher headboard, as it is comfortable when propping yourself up in bed and supports your back better. Some headboards also offer adjustable functions or a practical pocket for storing magazines, a tablet or reading glasses.”

Slatted base or box-spring bed?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a slatted base and a box-spring bed?

F.J.: “Beds with slatted bases have more of a light, airy look and usually take up less space than a box-spring bed. You can choose a slatted base with no functions or one that can be adjusted manually or by motor. Box-spring beds are known for their comfort – for that slightly springy, floating feeling when lying thanks to their three-layer structure. They offer support and relaxation at the same time. They are also higher up, which is particularly advantageous for the elderly.”

The right mattress is the alpha and omega

What types of mattresses are there and what should one consider when deciding on one?

F.J.: “There are different types of mattresses for different types of sleepers. Everyone sleeps differently: some people tend to toss and turn, and others don’t. Some tend to get cold and others tend to sweat. Whatever the case may be, it is important to make the right choice to ensure restful sleep. Visco mattresses are made with memory foam and adapt to the contours of the body. This mattress is good for keeping people who chill easily snugly and warm. Cold foam mattresses are also recommended for cold-sensitive sleepers due to their heat-insulating properties. These mattresses are nevertheless highly breathable. I recommend barrel pocket spring core mattresses for people who sweat at night, for example, as they ventilate well and yield to the points in the body that exert pressure, e.g. the shoulder or pelvic area. Latex mattresses store heat, offer pleasantly soft lying comfort and regulate moisture naturally. Of course, personal preference ultimately plays a decisive role, but these are points to keep in mind.”

Tip: Lie down and try it out! Test your potential new mattress for at least 10 minutes to find out if it feels good for you.

Think practically

What are some of the practical details I should consider?

F.J.: “The beds of today offer many practical solutions. A bed box creates additional storage space – for storing winter clothes or extra blankets and pillows, for example. For all those who occasionally bump their toes when they get up at night, under-bed lighting with a motion sensor is a good solution that also provides atmospheric indirect light. Another must-have for many people at home is a bed that is high enough for the robot vacuum cleaner to get under easily. For this, it’s usually enough to pick the right leg dimensions.

Tip: Additional and, above all, hidden storage space is worth its weight in gold, especially in smaller bedrooms.

Furnishing & Design

Do you have any tips for bedroom design in general?

F.J.: “You can make your bedroom even cosier with matching bedside tables and atmospheric lighting. And don’t forget plants, as they improve the climate of the room. One important final tip: choose a bed size that suits you. Consider in advance whether the bed should be big enough for two people or whether the children will be getting in bed to snuggle up at night. Then everything will be harmonious from the start, and everyone will get a good night’s sleep.”