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ADA – A legendary story

A small town in Styria nestled in a landscape replete with rolling hills and apple trees – this is the birthplace of ADA. Founded by a man who could read the signs of the future and had good ideas, as well as the good fortune that his family was enthusiastic about helping make them a reality. Here we tell the legendary story of ADA – a story with surprising twists and turns.

ADA was founded in 1957 by Alois Derler in the Austrian town of Anger near Weiz. The name of the company is made up of the first letters of his name and his hometown. There is a legend about this that is probably true: a businessman who was a friend of the family said once during a visit that a successful brand needs a striking name. The topic was discussed over lunch, after which the businessman dozed under a pear tree in the Derler family’s garden. Or it may have been an apple tree. Suddenly he sat up and shouted: ADA! For Alois Derler in Anger! So it came to pass, and in no time we were right in the middle of the success story of today’s largest upholstered furniture manufacturer in Austria.


How everything began

If we're being super precise, the story actually begins much earlier, around the turn of the century: In 1900, Karl Derler, Alois's father, founded a rope-making company. They produced hemp ropes, threads, cords, twines, and seagrass – among other things for mattress manufacturers. Over time, however, the demand for ropes declined, and the small company, into which Alois had already stepped, had to come up with something new. Once again, fate intervened for the Derler family, as another legend from the company's history tells: When Alois was delivering ropes as usual, he was asked by said merchant if he could not also produce finished mattresses. That moment marked the birth of ADA.


Key Figures at ADA

Every good story is shaped by the people involved – and the same holds true for ADA. The company's narrative is filled with interesting personalities: In addition to Alois, the founder, his son Oskar and Oskar's wife Ingeborg, a master ropemaker, contributed to the company's success. They were also visionary and courageous, as well as skilled craftsmen and financially savvy. They enthusiastically dove into the production of mattresses, executed all manufacturing steps, and upon completion, even handled deliveries themselves. When the company's sole vehicle was in use, mattresses were transported to the Anger train station in Weiz using a bicycle trailer.


Why the Rise Was Steep

Alois and Oskar Derler led their company together for many years – and very successfully at that. Their business thrived, and the product range expanded rapidly. In addition to mattresses, beds, and sofas were added, and an elephant emerged in ADA's corporate design: a symbol of the brand's strength, as well as the durability and longevity of its furniture. This remains true to this day. ADA's furniture can accompany you for many years, as they are produced with high quality and entirely in Europe.


What Made ADA Successful

When Alois Derler, the founder of ADA, passed away, two more successful individuals joined the management board alongside his son Oskar: Heinz Derler, a cousin of Oskar, and Alois Nießl, who came from production and brought a wealth of craftsmanship knowledge. To this day, we produce all furniture ourselves and carry out 98% of the manufacturing steps. What began out of necessity has now become a huge advantage: The craftsmanship tradition perfected since 1957 serves as the basis for the distinctive comfort of ADA. This led us to become the largest upholstered furniture producer in Austria.


We've Reinvented Ourselves

ADA evolved into a major player in European furniture production and a versatile all-rounder. Popular brands like BIRKENSTOCK, JOOP!, and Tom Tailor continue to have their furniture manufactured by us. However, as sometimes happens, amidst this flexibility, we overlooked developing a clear style and positioning ADA as a brand. This led us to undergo a process of reinvention. Now, we know exactly what we truly, truly want: to produce high-quality furniture that offers you tranquility and ample opportunities for relaxation, serving as a declaration of love to your home. By the way, we firmly believe that those who can truly unwind at home get more out of life.


ADA. Mindful living

As is the case with legendary stories, they always unveil a new chapter – and the same applies to us. Today, ADA crafts furniture for Mindful Living. They bring harmony into your home, allow you to breathe, and undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Our furniture epitomizes distinctive comfort and longevity. They are crafted with high quality, entirely in Europe, and can accompany you for many years. This is ensured by their timeless forms, tranquil colors, and numerous functions that adapt to your life phases. Naturally, ADA's furniture also meets the highest standards for healthy living. You can feel it, and numerous quality seals are the official proof of this commitment.

Our locations at a glance

We are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of upholstered furniture, beds, mattresses and slatted bases. Precision, care and attention to detail are our strengths and a guarantee for high-quality, functionally sophisticated premium furniture produced 100% in Europe.


Our headquarters are located in the idyllic town of Anger near Weiz in the picturesque region of Eastern Styria, Austria. This is a place embedded in a beautiful natural landscape replete with rolling hills and lush apple orchards. Not only is the administrative centre of our company located here, but also numerous offices and the production facilities for our high-quality bedroom furniture. 


Just around the corner from Graz, Raaba is the second site in the Austrian state of Styria where we have taken root. But what happens here? Experts from various areas of our company work in these premises. From digital marketing to parts of catalogue management – the offices here are a bustling centre of activity where creative minds turn ideas into reality. 


At our Hungarian site in Körmend, over 1,000 furniture experts create premium seating groups for ADA. Mindful Living. But wait, there’s more: high-quality pieces of furniture are also created there for our own hotel brand: Symphonic by ADA. High-quality furniture craftsmanship meets design – in the heart of Europe!

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Zalaegerszeg and Nova, our two other Hungarian locations, is where we get cosy with our core business: toppers, slatted bases and beds. Here, relaxation is part of our production schedule! And the best thing? The two locations are neighbours – just a stone’s throw away from each other. What does that mean? Perfect cooperation and synergy that you can feel when you sleep!


Salonta, Romania: Where our private labels become stars! In the heart of Western Europe, where quality meets creativity, we conjure up special pieces of furniture for various furniture store labels. Direct, top-notch and always with that certain something.

Your specialist for furniture for hotels and commercial buildings

Logo Symphonic by ADA

Symphonic by ADA: This is where high-quality furniture design meets state-of-the-art production techniques. We manufacture custom furniture with tailor-made concepts and offer our partners integrated solutions with maximum comfort for hotel, restaurant and commercial design. Our focus here is on quality, durability and loving attention to detail.


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