We have created a compact selection of the most frequently asked questions for you in our FAQ section. Here you will find detailed answers and valuable information to help you better understand our furniture and our products.

General questions

Are custom-made productions or other types of wood possible?2024-02-26T14:47:55+01:00

We are also happy to fulfil individual wishes. Please contact one of our furniture dealers in your area for advice on possible custom-made productions.

How much do ADA. Mindful Living products cost? 2024-02-26T14:47:55+01:00

For price information, please contact our partner furniture dealers. We are currently unable to make direct sales to end consumers. In our dealer locator, you will find a partner near you who can give you price information on all our products.

How long is the guarantee on products from ADA. Mindful Living? 2024-02-26T14:47:55+01:00

We place great value on high quality. Our extended guarantee emphasises the high standards we set for our furniture: we offer a 5-year guarantee on all ADA furniture. You can also find all information on this in our guarantee conditions.

How long are the delivery times for furniture from ADA. Mindful Living?2024-02-26T14:47:55+01:00

Our furniture is specially made to order according to your wishes. For this reason, the delivery time may vary. Your partner furniture dealer will be happy to provide you with information about the approximate delivery time.

How do you get spare parts or new fittings? 2024-02-26T14:47:17+01:00

If you need spare parts or fittings, please contact your furniture dealer, who will then clarify everything else with us. To ensure that everything runs smoothly with your dealer, please have the following information ready:

  • Purchase contract
  • Model name
  • Date of purchase
  • Photos of the required parts
Where is ADA. Mindful Living furniture produced?2024-02-26T14:47:17+01:00

The headquarters of ADA are located in Anger near Weiz in the Austrian region of Eastern Styria. Our ADA furniture is manufactured at a total of 5 locations in Austria, Hungary and Romania. You can find more information about our locations here.

Have you seen an ADA product in an advertisement but can’t find it on our website?2024-02-26T14:47:17+01:00

Not all of our models are available for sale. Some of our products are exclusive models that are specially made for a specific dealer or group of dealers. For information about the product, please contact the advertiser or a local dealer directly.

Can you order ADA products directly from the factory or via the website?2024-02-26T14:47:17+01:00

Online or direct sales are currently not possible. To experience our products and a live consultation, you are invited to visit either our showroom in Anger or one of our partner furniture dealers. Individual, discontinued and exhibition pieces can be purchased at regular intervals (about twice a year) in our clearance sale in the showroom.

Where do you get assembly instructions?2024-02-26T14:47:17+01:00

The assembly instructions are included with every new piece of furniture. If they are missing or you no longer have them, simply send us a copy of your purchase contract along with the model name, the date of purchase and, in case of older models, a few photos of your furniture. We will then send you the assembly instructions as soon as possible.

Where can you find a product type overview with dimensions?2024-02-26T14:47:17+01:00

For information about our product type overviews and the dimensions of our products, please contact our partner furniture dealers. You can find a partner near you in our dealer locator.

What does “bulk density” mean in reference to foam?2023-09-26T21:08:38+02:00

The bulk density of foam is defined by its weight relative to its volume. The higher the bulk density, the better the elasticity and the more durable the foam. This means that a firm foam has a low density and a soft foam has a high bulk density.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a cover?2023-09-26T21:24:52+02:00

When it comes to choosing the right cover, it’s not only the colour that matters, but also factors such as material stress, the use and the environment. For rooms with large windows and strong sunlight, the cover must be highly fade-resistant. Some covers also require more care. For families with children or pets, more easy-care, sturdier covers are more suitable than light-coloured fabrics or fine, natural leather. Before making a purchase, therefore, consider the requirements your upholstered furniture will have to meet.

Questions about sustainability

Which quality labels does ADA have?2024-02-26T14:43:59+01:00

Quality labels are a guarantee that products meet all the current quality, safety, environmental and emission standards. ADA has been awarded the following quality labels, among others:

Where is our furniture made?2023-09-25T19:52:38+02:00

Our furniture is produced 100% in Europe! Our factory locations range from Austria to Hungary to Romania. Our motto: consistent top quality, no matter where it’s produced. For us, there are no borders when it comes to quality!


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