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Discover our materials and fabrics

Furniture has to do a lot more than simply look good. To ensure that you enjoy your furniture for many years to come, it needs the right material. Different materials give you the opportunity to add your own style to the furniture design.

We carefully select our materials according to origin and quality. Below, we will guide you through our extensive fabric and leather collection and show you which types of wood and foam are used in our furniture. Let yourself be inspired by the different colours, textures and qualities.


Nothing characterises a piece of furniture more than the fabric that surrounds it. Our selection includes over 600 different cover variants. Our selection of materials, colours, patterns and surface feel opens up a wide range of design options.

Swirl fleece & microfibre fabrics2024-02-26T14:48:53+01:00

With swirl fleece, very fine microfibres are swirled and compressed on a base fabric. Perhaps you are familiar with Alcantara or Samtana? These two fabrics belong to the category of microfibre fabrics.

+ elegant suede look
+ soft to the touch
+ hard-wearing
+ easy-care
+ colourfast and fade-resistant
+ suitable for allergy sufferers
+ low pilling

– patina (darker colouring) may develop over time
– susceptible to static charge

Woven velour, flocked velour & flocked fabric2024-02-26T14:48:53+01:00

Velour is a hard-wearing material that remains durable for a long time. The fabric feels warm and soft and is also easy to care for.

+ high durability
+ easy-care
+ soft to the touch
+ suitable for pets

– limited variety of patterns
– seat sheen can occur (spots with a “silky” sheen)
– sensitive to scratching
– susceptible to pilling
– less suitable for allergy sufferers

Flatweave & chenille flatweave2024-02-26T14:48:54+01:00

In flatweaves, two groups of threads are crossed at right angles. A subtype is the chenille flatweave, in which additional pile is woven into the fabric.

+ unique look (jacquard pattern)
+ pleasant to the touch
+ skin-friendly
+ coarse and fine fabric types

– light-induced colour differences in the fabric
– less suitable for pets
– less suitable for allergy sufferers due to open structure
– susceptible to pilling

Choose from our
extensive range of fabrics

When it comes to your home, nothing should be left to chance.
So explore our fabric library and get an overview of our versatile covers.

  • DPR


    Chenille flatweave | 100% polyester | Pilling: 4 | Rub fastness: 4-5 | Light fastness: 4-5 | 63,000 abrasion cycles Martindale | Price group 5

  • GBA


    Flatweave | 100% polyester | Pilling: 4-5 | Rub fastness: 5 | Light fastness: 4 | 50,000 abrasion cycles Martindale | Price group 5

  • GCP


    Flatweave | 100% polyester | Pilling: 4 | Rub fastness: 5 | Light fastness: > 5 | 50,000 abrasion cycles Martindale | Price group 8

  • GDU


    Microfibre fabric | 100% polyester | Pilling: 4 | Rub fastness: 4 | Light fastness: 4-5 | 35,000 abrasion cycles Martindale | Price group 8

  • GFS


    Flatweave | 100% polyester | Pilling: 4-5 | Rub fastness: 4-5 | Light fastness: < 5 | 45,000 abrasion cycles Martindale| Price group 8

  • HGA


    100% polyester | Pilling: 5 | Rub fastness: 4-5 | Light fastness: 5 | 100,000 abrasion cycles 100,000 Martindale | Price group 12

  • ITN


    73 % Polyester, 19% MAC, 8% cotton | Pilling: 5 | Rub fastness: 5 |Light fastness: 5 | 60,000 abrasion cycles Martindale | Price group 22

  • IVE


    71% Polyester, 18% modacrylic, 8% Recycled Cotton, 3% polyamide |Pilling: 5 | Rub fastness: 4-5 | Light fastness: 4-5 | 60,000 abrasion cycles Martindale | Price group 22

  • TAT


    Flatweave | 100% polyester | Pilling: 4 | Rub fastness: 4 | Light fastness: 3-4 | 48,000 abrasion cycles Martindale | Price group 5

  • TBS


    Flatweave | 94% Polyester, 6% nylon | Pilling: 4-5 | Rub fastness: 4-5 | Light fastness: 4-5 | > 100,000 abrasion cycles Martindale | Price group 8

  • TCM


    Microfibre fabric | 100% polyester | Pilling: 4 | Rub fastness: 4 | Light fastness: 5 | 40,000 abrasion cycles Martindale | Price group 5

  • XBO


    Structural fabric | 90% Polyester, 10% polyamide | Pilling: 4-5 | Rub fastness: 5 | Light fastness: 4-5 | 41,000 abrasion cycles Martindale | Price group 5


Authentic, unadulterated and a genuine piece of nature. But not all leather is the same. From smooth to rough, from natural to pigmented and from easy-care to sensitive – our leather collection gives you ample choices.

Pigmented leather2024-02-26T14:48:53+01:00

A layer of opaque, protective pigment colour is applied to the surface of pigmented leather. As a result of this, only a few natural features remain visible.

+ insensitive
+ hard-wearing
+ easy-care
+ uniform appearance

– stiff and only moderately warm to the touch

Nubuck leather2024-02-26T14:48:53+01:00

A full-grain leather, Nubuck leather is sanded on the grain side. The leather is velvety on the surface and has a warm feel.

+ velvety feel
+ matt appearance
+ breathable

– sensitive to soiling and light
– high-maintenance

Semi-aniline leather (slightly pigmented leather)2024-02-26T14:48:53+01:00

Semi-aniline leather strikes a balance between very soft, yet sensitive pure aniline leather and pigmented, opaque leather.

+ highly fade-resistant
+ soft and supple feel
+ relatively hard-wearing
+ resistant to soiling
+ adapts to body and room temperature

– improper care quickly visible due to discolouration
– only has a small protective layer

Aniline leather (natural leather)2024-02-26T14:48:53+01:00

Aniline leather is a natural, open-grain and breathable leather with a soft and pleasantly warm feel. The highlight of this leather is its natural skin features.

+ particularly high-quality leather
+ largely natural
+ breathable
+ absorbs body heat quickly
+ supple and soft

– sensitive to light (UV light)
– sensitive to stains
– cost-intensive

Choose from our
leather range

When it comes to your home, nothing should be left to chance.
So explore our leather library and get an overview of our versatile leather covers.

  • EVI


    Pigmented leather | Thickness: 0.9-1.1 mm | Leather group C

  • LONG


    Leather group C

  • NEW


    Leather group G


Wood is robust and sustainable. With its natural properties, it absorbs heat and moisture, thereby regulating the climates of living spaces. The individuality of wood grain makes each piece of furniture unique.


Spruce is a prominent wound type found in our forests and gives our furniture excellent stability. Spruce is therefore the ideal construction wood for the frames of our furniture.

+ stable and robust
+ durable
+ fast-growing resource
+ domestic wood type, therefore good ecological footprint
+ versatile
+ inexpensive

– not weather-resistant if untreated
– not resistant to fungal and insect infestation

Swiss Pine2024-02-26T14:48:53+01:00

The Swiss pine is the “Queen of the Alps”. The essential oils contained in the wood are beneficial for body and soul and help create a pleasant indoor climate. The knotty, vivid grain pattern gives it a unique appearance.

+ highly resistant
+ easy to process
+ beautiful grain
+ exudes a pleasant fragrance
+ anti-bacterial effect

– soft structure
– varnishing eliminates effects of essential oils
– high-maintenance


Walnut is a dark brown precious wood with a vivid grain pattern. Its noble appearance sets it apart, and it has symbolised luxury and prosperity for centuries. Walnut has an irregular colour ranging from light to dark brown, which can have a shimmering effect.

+ decorative surface structure
+ easy to process
+ stable shape
+ hard-wearing

– cost-intensive
– not weatherproof
– low availability as domestic wood

Oak & wild oak2024-02-26T14:48:53+01:00

Oak wood is still a classic in furniture construction. With its individual, open grain and subtle shades of light and dark, this durable wood gives furniture a unique appearance.

+ robust and strong
+ long-lasting
+ attractive surface
+ weather-resistant
+ domestic wood, thus good ecological footprint

– cracks easily
– can oxidise metals
– can become discoloured when wet

Beech, core beech & wild core beech2024-02-26T14:48:53+01:00

The reddish-brown wood of this popular deciduous tree finds frequent use in our furniture production. We mainly use beechwood in frame construction. Due to its distinct grain pattern, we use wild core beech for exposed wood parts.

+ hard-wearing and supportive
+ very hard, strong and long-lasting
+ elastic
+ domestic wood, thus good ecological footprint

– tends to crack
– loses moisture slowly in storage
– quite heavy due to its high density
– warps easily

Our stain colours

You can get an overview of our different stain colours in our wood library.

Beech 101

Beech 105

Beech 108

Beech 110

Beech 115

Beech 119

Beech 150

Beech 250

Beech 330

Oak 400 Natural oiled

Oak 405 Light oiled

Oak 406 Old oiled

Walnut 320 oiled

Wild Core Beech

Core Beech

Wild Oak

Swiss Pine


For us, what counts are the inner and outer values of a piece of furniture. With our foam interiors, we build long-lasting comfort and relaxation into our mattresses, beds and sofas even before they leave the factory.

Viscoelastic foam2024-02-26T14:48:53+01:00

Visco foam is also referred to as “memory foam” because it remembers the load applied on it. What does this mean? Once the sitting or lying position changes, the material returns to its original shape after a certain amount of time. We mainly use visco foam in our mattresses.

+ precise adaptation to the body
+ pressure-relieving effect
+ suitable for allergy sufferers
+ hygienic and easy-care
+ durable

– low air circulation
– hampers movement during sleep

Cold foam2024-02-26T14:48:53+01:00

The basic ingredient of cold foam is polyurethane, i.e. plastic. The open foam structure gives the material high breathability and elasticity. Cold foam retains its shape even when subjected to heavy loads over long periods of time. You will find this material in our mattresses and seating furniture.

+ air-circulating
+ durable
+ high bulk density
+ odourless
+ point-elastic and adaptable
+ suitable for allergy sufferers

– difficult handling due to higher weight

Polyether foam2024-02-26T14:48:53+01:00

Polyether foam is a mouldable foam that performs well when it comes to load-bearing capacity and air permeability. Its honeycomb structure makes the foam lightweight and elastic. Polyether foam is versatile and can be found in our mattresses and sofas.

+ mouldable foam
+ variety of applications
+ low net weight
+ suitable for allergy sufferers
+ inexpensive

– shorter lifespan

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