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Sustainability & Fairness

Our motto: Respect the next
This is true sustainability: ADA manufactures furniture that will stay with you for many years to come. Those who produce durable and therefore fewer products protect our planet and the livelihood of future generations. Here you can find a wealth of facts about our sustainable journey – a journey marked by many awards which began over twenty years ago and in which a beaver family plays a role.

30,373 kg

of CO2 saved per year


PET bottles recycled to date


waste recycled

Our certificates and awards

We don’t just let our furniture and its production speak for themselves – we have them checked by external experts. Certificates? We have them! When it comes to industry standards, we want to be right at the top. But proof speaks louder than promises, right?

green hosting

We didn’t put our servers in the forest, of course. No one would have benefited from that – least of all the environment. Instead, we at ADA. Mindful Living rely on 100% green hosting. For us, this means that we are wholeheartedly committed to sustainable web services and use green electricity to reduce the carbon footprint of our website by running our website servers entirely on renewable energy (even without engaging in allowance trading). The steady growth of the Internet naturally also results in increased energy requirements – something of which we are very aware. As a side note, here is a little fact: an average website generates 533 kilograms of CO2 every year. That’s huge even compared to some modes of transport! But here’s the good news: with our use of green hosting, we draw on renewable energy. This ensures that every time you visit our website, it’s done in the most sustainable way possible.

Durability as the true sustainability

The upholstery on our sofas and armchairs is a great example. After around twenty years, they are still as comfortable as on the first day. They aren’t worn down after a short time. The fabrics are also far above the norm in terms of durability. The robustness of an upholstery fabric is measured with abrasion cycles, the average of which is 15,000. At 50,000–100,000 abrasion cycles, our fabrics are much more durable.

Sustainability – a huge issue. Where do we begin?

With what we do: ADA manufactures furniture for Mindful Living that will stay with you for many years. Those who produce less conserve resources, prevent waste and reduce their carbon footprint. Our journey towards greater sustainability began long before everyone started talking about the issue: since 2002, we have been a member of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (DGM), an association of furniture manufacturers in Germany. With our certificate as a member, we are obligated to have our furniture tested for manufacturing quality and durability – this is done using strict tests in independent laboratories. Our commitment is reflected in the motto we have adopted for our sustainable journey: Respect the next. We want to act in such a way that our world is still worth living in for the generations to follow us.

These issues have been part of our corporate culture from the very beginning! Our headquarters are located in a small town in the Austrian state of Styria. This is where ADA was founded in 1957 by Alois Derler, and his position was clear: waste nothing and run the business responsibly and efficiently. Our path to a circular economy began early on, and for that reason we are already quite advanced in a number of areas: for example, 94% of the waste from our plant in Anger near Weiz is recycled, and wood waste is used for heating. This means that 100% of the heat comes from renewable energy – that means absolutely zero fossil fuel! And we’ve been doing it this way for 40 years!

The ADA quality promise

“For us, sustainability means producing durable upholstered furniture and beds in the most energy-efficient and resource-saving way possible. To achieve this, we ensure a careful selection of materials and environmentally friendly processing.”

We emphasise our high-quality standards with an extended guarantee: when you buy new furniture from ADA. Mindful Living, you receive a 5-year guarantee – over and above the statutory warranty. It takes special care to create products that have what it takes to be long-lasting companions.

Questions about sustainability

Which quality labels does ADA have?2024-02-26T14:43:59+01:00

Quality labels are a guarantee that products meet all the current quality, safety, environmental and emission standards. ADA has been awarded the following quality labels, among others:

What does ADA do to promote climate protection? 2024-02-26T14:47:55+01:00

“Reduce, Replace and Recycle”: as the largest upholstered furniture manufacturer in Austria and one of the most prominent in Europe, we have joined the DGM Climate Pact. With this step, our head office in Anger has committed itself to reducing carbon emissions for the benefit of the environment and future generations. In addition to voluntary self-regulation, regular inspections are carried out by authorised, neutral institutes to monitor compliance with all standards set out by the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (DGM), an association of furniture manufacturers in Germany. You can find more information here: ADA climate protection concept

Where is our furniture made?2023-09-25T19:52:38+02:00

Our furniture is produced 100% in Europe! Our factory locations range from Austria to Hungary to Romania. Our motto: consistent top quality, no matter where it’s produced. For us, there are no borders when it comes to quality!

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