Anti-corruption and avoidance of interests

Forbidden gift acceptance or small gift? ADA is committed to legally compliant behavior and to avoiding conflicts of interest. ADA has issued comprehensive guidelines to sensitize employees at all levels to this topic and provide them with a guideline for correct conduct.

To the ADA guidelines “Anti-corruption and conflict of interest avoidance(as at: 2021)

Antitrust compliance

ADA takes fair competition seriously and has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to violations of antitrust law and prohibited price agreements. For this reason, ADA is bound by a strict antitrust code, which is also intended to serve as an aid and guide for employees at all levels.

To the ADA Antitrust Compliance Code (Status: 2021)

Whistleblower system

ADA has set up an anonymous whistle-blowing tool, which employees, business partners, customers and potentially affected parties can use to inform an independent lawyer about possible grievances within the company and/or violations of the law. Report anonymously here about grievances or violations of the law at ADA that you have noticed directly or in your environment.

Whistleblowing system