A dining area for the eyes

For many families, the dining table is the centre of their everyday life. Not only do they spend time here during meals – it is also a place where they laugh, learn and play together. Regardless of whether you’re a large family with children or a couple who enjoy their meals together at the table: the dining area should have a special atmosphere. This turns your dining area into a haven where you and your guests feel at home and spend a lot of time. Furniture expert ADA tells you how to create a dining area for the eyes.

The perfect spot

Sometimes a dining table looks out of place. Integrated into the kitchen to save space, it should nevertheless be big enough for six people. Instead, turn your dining area into a highlight by giving it the attention it deserves. What is important is to create a pleasant atmosphere so that people enjoy coming together to eat here. Suitable spaces for a dining area are under large windows, in bay windows or under a gallery. You don’t have such a space? Then a sufficiently large corner of the living room or kitchen whose colour palette stands out from the rest of the room will do. Carpets, colour compositions and consistent materials give your dining area a clear structure and set it apart visually.

Adequate space for all

For your dining table to be a daily source of joy, it should offer enough space for everyone. If it’s too small, you will constantly worry about how everyone will find a place at the table. For this reason, you should plan for a sufficiently large table, taking the size of your family into account. If you are planning to have more children, or if the grandparents come for lunch every Sunday, make sure you factor this in when making a purchase. The same applies to when you host large family celebrations or gatherings of friends: give your future table a generous enough size to ensure everyone’s comfort. In order to accommodate everyone properly, you should allow roughly 50 to 60 cm per person. At a two-metre-long dining table, for example, eight people would be able to sit comfortably facing each other.

Materials and a modern look

To set cool accents, go for stone, metal and glass tables. A wooden table is ideal for creating a warm atmosphere. A combination of wood and metal is often chosen to bring in modern accents. However, you can also create a great deal of emotion with the chairs alone. A mix of different covers are an enticement to sit and great seat cushions turn wooden chairs into true eye-catchers. Vintage furniture and classic designs are also often combined to create casual accents. Some ADA dining groups include “ADAption”, an innovative mobility feature. This allows you to dynamically change your position at the dining table instead of maintaining a fixed, rigid posture. The backrest is flexible and adapts to your movements. This gives you freedom of movement, letting you rock, turn and slouch while eating. The ADAption function is integrated into our ANI and INA products and ensures greater comfort at the dining table.

Cosy atmosphere in the dining area

Various details can bring cosy warmth to your dining area. Indirect lighting creates a harmonious atmosphere. An adjacent sideboard offers additional storage space for large family gatherings, and an attractive wall design with pictures or canvases adds finishing touches to the dining area.