A fresh start: Welcome to ADA. Mindful Living

Autumn has not only brought us a new season, but also the launch of our new brand: “ADA. Mindful living”. The original idea for the new brand was conceived almost two years ago, and our goal was clearly defined from the start: we want a clear way to communicate the values and Austrian attitude towards life with which we identify ourselves and become a champion of slow living with Austrian comfort and cosiness. The brand is an invitation to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life outside and enter a home that offers space for relaxation and tranquillity.

Our new direction is aimed first and foremost towards everyone who values health and a sustainable lifestyle. But it is also a call to all those who value quality and wish to cultivate a conscious attitude towards home decor. Our new brand strives to create a feeling of cosiness and security by promoting harmony, tranquillity and stability.

ADA in a new, more slimline look

As part of our brand transformation, we are reinventing our entire look to reflect the pulse of Mindful Living. This change is most apparent in our logo, which now creates a feeling of both openness and calm. While it retains its most important basic features, it now has a more slimline, more modern appearance.

The pursuit of harmony and balance is reflected in our new colour palette, which is inspired by the natural beauty of ADA’s homeland in the Austrian region of Eastern Styria. As the dominant colour, anthracite gives us a timeless elegance and a deeply rooted stability that can be experienced every and every day in our furniture.

Our new imagery deliberately sets itself apart from the typical aesthetic of the furniture industry. Instead of sterile living ideals, we now present a vibrant, warm home where you can spend the little moments of day-to-day life. With unusual perspectives and true-to-life family scenes, ADA. Mindful Living entices you into a world where quality, comfort and aesthetics go hand in hand.

These changes in design also create a new understanding of furnishing and interior design. We want to create a home that epitomises a mindful lifestyle.

Our new product range – in harmony with nature

We have also added a new touch of freshness to our product range: our products are named after Latin plant names and feel-good words to emphasise the idea of mindful living. We are keeping the best of the best from the former “ADA AUSTRIA premium” and “ADA trendline” lines in the product range, uniting them under the new banner “ADA. Mindful Living”. The product groups will not change for the time being, so the new ADA range will still feature sofas, dining areas, beds, mattresses, toppers and slatted bases of all kinds.

The digital journey into our world

We are also forging new paths in the digital realm, presenting an intuitive world of experience. Our completely redesigned website serves as a central point of contact for anyone who wants to explore and experience our attitude towards life. Large image and video elements open up new insights into our “Mindful Living” philosophy, while detailed texts provide background information.

A particular highlight of our new digital presence is the furniture configurator. Here you can design your individual group of furniture to your heart’s content and then place it virtually in your home.

Our new website now also offers an inspiration area that invites you to embark on journeys of discovery through collaborations with influencers and exciting visual content. Here you can immerse yourself in the stories of other people who have already ventured into our world of home furnishings and be inspired by the wide range of possibilities it has to offer.

The new product pages offer a comprehensive overview with numerous photos and all the details you need in one place. It is the beginning of a digital journey into our world, one which continues in real life – be it through a visit to one of our partners or through an immersive experience in the ADA Showroom in Anger.

The ADA Apartment made it possible to experience our new brand up close

As the crowning point of our relaunch, we opened the doors of our ADA Apartment in Vienna at the beginning of October. The pop-up ADA Apartment created a rich environment in which the philosophy of “Mindful Living” came to life. Warmly decorated by well-known interior influencers, the rooms enabled visitors to experience what a harmonious combination of design, quality and sustainability looks like. Visitors were able to experience even more of the new ADA way of life at exciting workshops or physically intense Pilates sessions.

ADA. Mindful Living is not just a brand – it is our philosophy, our promise and our invitation to enter a world built on quality, awareness and tranquillity. We create an oasis of serenity where you can write your own story. Welcome to ADA. Mindful Living – Welcome home.