The benefits of a box-spring bed

No other type of bed is more in vogue than the box-spring bed. Known from top hotels, they are now increasingly making their way into private bedrooms. This is due to the special structure of box-spring beds, which has many advantages over beds with a slatted base and a mattress.

Practical bed access height

Thanks to their layered mattress structure, box-spring beds quickly reach a comfortable height of 60 cm or more. This gives you a practical bed access height that makes lying down and getting up much easier. These beds are particularly helpful for the elderly and for people with restricted mobility. But thanks to the many options available, there are also box-spring beds with a lower box and mattress.

High sleeping comfort in a box-spring bed

You can choose the parts, hardness level and look to match the box-spring beds to your style and sleeping needs. The multi-layer structure ensures high point elasticity. This means that only the spring onto which pressure is applied gives way. This leads to excellent pressure distribution, with the mattress adapting perfectly to the contours of your body.

Hygiene and ventilation

Thanks to the spring systems in the mattress and base, box-spring beds boast extremely good ventilation. The air circulates better, and moisture is easily removed. You can also meet hygiene requirements by placing a topper on the mattress. The topper prevents dander and sweat from getting into the mattress, for example, taking away any potential breeding ground for mites. And you can easily air out and clean the topper, so box-spring beds with toppers are also great for those allergic to house dust.

Durability of box-spring beds

The stable solid wood base and the spring system reduce the pressure exerted on the upper mattress, which is instead transferred to the spring base. A topper protects the mattress and makes the box-spring bed more durable.

Uniformly high support strength

Normally, slatted bases are slightly curved in the centre so that the mattress is higher and doesn’t lie flat. This means that the support strength is not the same everywhere. With box-spring beds, however, the mattress lies completely on the base. Therefore, the support is identical over the entire lying surface.