Box-spring beds – structure, function, and mode of action

Box-spring beds have now also found their way into private bedrooms. But what is a box-spring bed and what is it made of?

The term “box-spring bed” has a long history that dates back to the 19th century. Box-spring beds already existed back then, but the idea was that mattresses should not lie on the dirty floor. First-class hotels recognised early on that box-spring beds offer a mega comfortable lying sensation, which is why they would become a standard feature in hotel rooms. A few years ago, this hotel trend started to find its way into private bedrooms. But what is a box-spring bed and what is it made of?

A box-spring bed is a stable sleeping system made up of various parts that you can customise according to your wishes:

The base of a box-spring bed

The base, also known as the box spring, has a stable frame with a firmly integrated spring system. Covered in fabric or leather, it usually forms a single unit with the mattress on top. The base provides the right support and therefore has slightly firmer springs, while the mattress on top ensures that your body lies in a comfortable position.

Mattress for a box-spring bed

You can basically use any type of mattress on a box-spring bed. However, to ensure top sleeping comfort, it is important to match the base and mattress well. Most people select a (barrel) pocket spring core mattress so that the spring systems harmonise perfectly.

Topper for a box-spring bed (optional)

The topper is an extra mattress topper that increases the lying comfort thanks to its highly elastic material. The thinner topper (approx. 6–8 cm) improves the positioning of the body and also ensures greater hygiene by protecting the mattress underneath.

Topper – yes or no?

Whether you use a topper or not depends on whether you have an “American box-spring bed” or a “Scandinavian box-spring bed”. As the American version uses a particularly thick and thus soft mattress, you no longer need a topper. This mattress often has additional comfort layers above and below the springs, which is why it is often 30 cm high or more. In contrast, Scandinavian box-spring beds consist of three parts (box spring, mattress and topper). The mattress is often covered with a fabric or leather material that matches the base, and only the topper is covered with a sheet.

Thanks to the many possible combinations, you can customise box-spring beds perfectly to suit your sleeping needs.