A happy home office – how to make your workspace functional and stylish

In the wake of the acute coronavirus period, many employees are now free to choose where they want to work. Many employees have practical reasons to opt to work from home. However, the balancing act between private life and work is not easy. A clear separation of areas, tidiness and improved organisation can help guarantee an effective home office. In this article, ADA reveals how you can set up a functional and attractive home office area.

The perfect place to work

There is no such thing as the perfect place for a home office. Often, even home office areas lose their original purpose after work when it’s time to build a pillow castle with the children. Not everyone has their own office or extra room to pursue their day-to-day work activities. You can appropriate niches and small corners to create work areas separated from the rest of the room. Place a small desk behind the sofa in the living room or in front of the picture window in the bedroom. It’s a worthwhile idea to set up a curtain or a privacy screen so you can switch off and unwind in the evening. This visually separates the work area from the rest of the room. Giving your privacy screen an appealing design using your favourite colours or pictures helps to tie the work area into the room.

An orderly room for clear thoughts

A scattered mind needs a tidy workspace. Do you tend to have a chaotic desk because it’s the only way you can be creative? If you’re working from home, don’t set up your workspace in your living room or bedroom. It might bother your family, and you’ll have to keep looking at it after work. Use organisers, rolling mobile filing cabinets and shelves to organise things so everything is in order when the workday is over. Free-standing shelves can even be used as privacy screens, and small hanging shelves can be placed anywhere in the home. They blend into the existing space and create visual highlights – even if they are used to store work materials.

A comfortable chair is a must

A healthy sitting posture starts with a good chair. Of course, the height of the desk or table also plays a role, but the health of your back depends largely on the way you sit. If you tend to sit comfortably, you end up moving less. But your back needs movement to feel well. In short: move around during work – even when working from your home office. If you sit down all the time while working and don’t have a height-adjustable desk, you should consider an ergonomic office chair. These are available in various designs. It doesn’t always have to be a clunky office chair. Design solutions with a 70s touch are also possible, for example. The NOVARA couch from ADA is another option. This is a discreet workstation with a side table placed in back of the sofa. It also features an integrated USB port and a 230 V socket so that you can get straight to work.

How to give your workspace some style

Plants are always a good idea for giving your workspace an aura of calm. The right lighting also helps you to concentrate on your work. Glaring office lamps are a thing of the past. Subdued, indirect light has come to be the norm. Portable light sources are a practical solution for when you have to leave your home office. The portable writing board allows you to be creative in any room. With a stylish toolbox, you can keep your pens organised, and a designer loose-leaf binder creates focal points even in really small spaces.