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3D configurator

Welcome to the ADA furniture configurator – your space for creative living ideas! Here you can design all our seating groups online to your heart’s content and get a real taste of the sheer variety we have to offer. Mix and match until everything is exactly the way you want it. Every click brings you one step closer to your customised dream sofa.

4 steps to your customised dream sofa

Select a sofa

Choose one of our products to use as the basis for your configuration. You can find all available products here.

Configure the product

Customise your product every way you wish. You can choose the fabric or leather, add elements or change the wood type.

View with AR

Once you have finished configuring your seating group, you can view it virtually at home and get an impression of your future couch.

Order from a dealer

Save your configuration or send it directly to a dealer near you, where you can quickly order the piece of furniture.

Experience your furniture in your home beforehand

Imagine being able to see the ADA furniture you configured yourself in your own home before you buy it! Our augmented reality function in the ADA configurator makes it possible Simply configure your desired piece of furniture, scan the QR code with your smartphone and see what it looks like in your home in its original size. And the best part: You don’t need your own app to do it, and it works with iOS and Android.

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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our 3D configurator.

Can you order the products from the ADA configurator directly from us?2024-02-26T14:43:24+01:00

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase configured products online or directly from us. To order our products and experience a live consultation, you are invited to visit either our showroom in Anger or one of our partner furniture dealers.

Why is only seating furniture available in the ADA configurator?2024-02-26T14:43:25+01:00

We are already working on making more products available in the ADA configurator. We have focussed on our seating groups to start with because they offer so much room for individuality! Stay tuned: we will soon be adding more products to our ADA configurator.

Why does the 3D configurator only offer a limited selection of fabrics?2024-02-26T14:43:25+01:00

The fabric collection from ADA. Mindful Living includes around 100 different fabrics. Many of them differ primarily in their surface feel. Since this feeling is unfortunately impossible to convey via a monitor, we have decided to limit the fabric selection to 3 main categories: “Coarsely woven”, “Finely woven” and “Bouclé”. These give you a good overview of how different fabrics change the appearance of the product. Once you have configured your piece of furniture, you can order it from a dealer near you. There, you will once again be advised specifically on all the possible fabrics and can feel the different fabric samples for yourself.


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