Planning & Function

Marvellously changeable upholstery.
Bespoken comfort.

Our models are as varied as people are individual. Size, form, cover and design can be chosen in accordance to your personal style and space requirement.
Cleverly thought-out extras make the seating arrangements a perfect fit for everyday life - to fold in and out, to save space, to feel good.

Experience Planning & Function now


The Planning & Function Models

The modular furniture pieces adapt perfectly to every size of room and to the owner‘s wishes and bring an element of excitement to the living room. The models can be changed mechanically or are motor-driven as needed, and their intelligent features make them flexible functional talents.



Enormous Flexibility &
Smart Functions

Upholstery furniture - more movable than ever before: in just a few simple steps you can change the sofa into a comfortable lounging area. With just one click of the button, you change from sitting upright into a comfortable relaxing position. By gently pressing or pulling the backrest, you easily adjust the seat depth. This is how individual living is today!