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Types of wood

No matter if oak, beech, pine or walnut wood – wooden elements always convey a feeling of natural security and harmony. Our types of wood differ from appearance and structure. With an oiled wood surface, the original character of the wood remains preserved and the warm haptics and grain are perfect accentuated. Bring a piece of nature to your home.


Warmth, harmony &

Wood creates a cosy atmosphere and radiates a natural warmth and security in the living space. With its individual grain, each piece is unique. It tells its own story and impresses with its fresh, lively character.



The requirements for fabrics for upholstery are as individual as every person. No matter if velour, microfiber, flat woven fabrics or leather – we only use the best materials. Our fabrics and leathers are of high quality and handpicked with a wide range of colors and patterns. Klick here to find an extract from our current collection.


fabrics & leather

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There are no limits to your furnishing ideas: Whether a modern designer couch, cosy relaxation sofa or elegant dining group, with natural solid wood elements or fine chrome, you can choose your seating furniture to match your personal style and space.




Natural materials,
traditional craftsmanship
& local production

For decades, the Styrian family-owned company ADA stands with its top brand ADA AUSTRIA premium for living at highest quality standards. The product range ranges includes high-quality upholstered furniture, dining groups, beds and mattresses. Starting as a small ropery in Styria, ADA is now one of the most important furniture manufacturers in Europe.